Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week LOOK 1

Hi there!

at last I can start again to post with a daily frequency after been working on very interesting projects that soon will come to light!

Last Thursday took place a very importante event here in Madrid, Spain. The MERCEDES BENZ MADRID FASHION WEEK started, and with the streets were flooded by amazing street style looks.

I couldn’t been able to assist to the first fashion shows, but the ones I’ve seen were just… AMAZING. I had the opportunity to see Roberto Verino, Ana Locking, Francis Montesinos, Roberto Torreta, Ailanto and Ion Fiz shows. All of them were just amazing. Each designer has his own style, but their creations are a perfect reflection of what they want to transmit to all of us.

Before getting into the shows, I’ve been giving a round to the place called Cibelespacio, where new fashion designers, sell their creations.

For the first day I went to MERCEDES BENZ MADRID FASHION WEEK, I choose to wear a pair of printed shorts, with a white t-shirt, black heels, and a incredible leather blue klein clutch.

Here I attach you the photos of the look and also some pics with famous people!!

Hope you like it!





Ray Ban sunglasses

H&M t-shirt

Zara printed shorts

Parfois gold watch

Marypaz Heel sandals

Mariner Soul leather cluth

Aristocrazy bracelets


with Cristina Castaño, Spanish actress from the TV Series: La que se avecina




IMG_0308 IMG_0220 IMG_0221



IMG_0230with an spanish blogger from In2ition style blog!

She’s so pretty and most importantly, she’s amazingly charming!







Hi there!

I know that I’ve been absent during some days but it is due to the fact that I’m working on new interesting projects at the same time I’m photo-shooting my looks, so most of the days I’m super tired and I didn’t have time to edit every photo I would like to post.

First of all I want to thanks Judit, a new friend I’ve made, who gave me the chance to went to Madrid Fashion Week last Tuesday. It has been an incredible experience because it was the first time I went there without having to work (other times I was working on the backstage of every fashion show which took place during the Fashion Week). We had the opportunity to see two amazing catwalks of to incredible fashion designers: Dolores Cortés and Montse Bassons. I took a lot of photos but I’m going to show you them on other post because I don’t have selected the important photos of the shows, so today I’ll show one of the looks I wore for an special occasion that took place this afternoon (I can’t tell you what it is about, but soon you’ll know it 😉 ).

I’m wearing;

Sfera blue trousers

H&M sequin t-shirt

Massimo Dutti flat shoes

Carolina Herrera sunglasses

I hope you like it!

Let me know what you think about it!!








Good morning to everyone!

Eventually I’ll have my last exam tomorrow morning so in just few hours I’ll be free to work on interested posts (of personal looks) for the blog!

The New York Fashion Week is coming to its end but the street style won’t “die” when this amazing week ends. I’ve been looking for new street style photos and I’m really happy of having found a lot of inspirational looks for design future collections. New ideas are nudging at my head so I’m writing all of them on my notebook in order to  not forget them.

The color combinations, the shapes, cuts, fabrics, etc are all amazing and really help me to create new ideas that I didn’t expect to have.

Looking back to all the post I’ve done about the street style, I noticed that the color combination which predominates this week is the black and white (or as I always said B&W). I knew this was THE trend but I didn’t know that it will have such effect on fashion lovers!

Here I attach you new photos of NYFW Street Style.

I hope you like them as much as I do!




NYFW-Street-5-3_15355511282 NYFW-Street-5-4_153556985689 NYFW-Street-5-5_153558923904 NYFW-Street-5-6_153559190663 NYFW-Street-5-7_153600473728 NYFW-Street-5-17_15354873227 NYFW-Street-5-21_153551218049 NYFW-Street-5-29_153554588365street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_31856283_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_31955789_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_44951582_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_77297065_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_106105621_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_118626297_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_129967507_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_153215494_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_158584963_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_191614895_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_224730414_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_261549190_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_319137061_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_333161759_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_390700432_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_421856398_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_426295593_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_465859443_1200x


Hi there again!

I just have few minutes to upload today’s post, so I’m just going to tell that I’m having one of this bad days in which you don’t really want to do anything, but as I’ve promised you, here I am to show you more photos about the New York Street Style.

I hope you’ll like today’s looks!

Let me know which ones are the best, which you’ll wear or not!

I hope you are having a good monday!street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_476275553_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_509907111_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_547389532_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_581686357_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_635907879_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_645816889_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_646734837_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_655649062_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_668493409_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_672889589_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_685690761_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_690988893_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_719808374_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_733279200_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_750083803_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_755756758_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_760100548_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_878244148_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_893988992_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_915904836_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_929940037_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_943897971_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_962003145_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_997638210_1200x




Hi there!

Today I’ve been looking for new New York Fashion Week street style and I’m truly impressed with the amazing combinations we can find during this fashion week. I fell in love with a huge amount of looks, and most of them are an incredible inspirations for future looks to post here on the blog or even design during the next course.

Here I attach you new amazing photos! I hope you like them as much as I do!

Let me know if you like them too.


MaiNYFW-Street-2-1_145933726445 NYFW-Street-2-2_145939583160 NYFW-Street-2-3_145945465173 NYFW-Street-2-4_145946132386 NYFW-Street-2-5_145947754092 NYFW-Street-2-6_14594844248 NYFW-Street-2-7-FAVORITE_145949979224 NYFW-Street-2-12_145935643950 NYFW-Street-2-13-FAVORITE_145936302640 NYFW-Street-2-17_145937180110 NYFW-Street-2-19_145938983402 NYFW-Street-2-20_145940886389 NYFW-Street-2-22-FAVORITE_145941973248 NYFW-Street-2-23_145942930855

NYFW-Street-2-26_145944848207 street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_19891118_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_142641907_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_284933703_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_312513580_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_357565093_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_364283804_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_375841794_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_565484238_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_573462954_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_667256293_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_674180307_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_824018153_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_852607157_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_883852167_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_905168941_1200x


Hi there again!

As you know, lot of photos the street style at New York Fashion Week  are upload on internet continually so, in order to keep you informed about every new outfit or even possible inspiration, here I show you more looks surely you’ll like as much as me.

Have a nice week-end!




NYFW-Street-1-1_124745383903 NYFW-Street-1-5_124754630412 NYFW-Street-1-8_124755596826 NYFW-Street-1-10_124746945158 NYFW-Street-1-15_1247492897996aeddbcc49ca079b_179636066_10.xxxlarge 71cf2da44db6a35c_NYStreet1_ss14_0008.xxxlarge 792a47863d5ddd62_179636047_10.xxxlarge 6208deeae4fd0212_179627843_10.xxxlarge 47876a44d42eb578_179641244_10.xxxlarge 0789175addf5d8ef_NYStreet1_ss14_0033.xxxlarge aed2ebf305ac20b1_179636023_10.xxxlarge b567582b2ae3f274_179627746_10.xxxlarge faaf0189d5621746_NYStreet1_ss14_0002.xxxlarge fb596d444584009f_New_York_str_RS14_0223.xxxlarge hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day1-02-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day1-11-lgn hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day1-19-kate-davidson-hudson-lgn


Hi there again!

As i told you yesterday,  I’ll post about the street style seen during this fashion week in NY. Here are some Fashion looks of  the day. In the next photos I attach you here,  you can see different styles.

Let me know which style fits best with your personality!!



Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.17.03

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.17.32

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.17.42

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.17.52

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.18.01

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.18.11

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.18.25

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.18.41

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.18.49

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.19.16

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.19.46

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.20.44

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.26.17

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.26.27

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.26.38

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.26.47

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.26.56

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.27.17

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a la(s) 09.27.31