Hi there!

at last I can start again to post with a daily frequency after been working on very interesting projects that soon will come to light!

Last Thursday took place a very importante event here in Madrid, Spain. The MERCEDES BENZ MADRID FASHION WEEK started, and with the streets were flooded by amazing street style looks.

I couldn’t been able to assist to the first fashion shows, but the ones I’ve seen were just… AMAZING. I had the opportunity to see Roberto Verino, Ana Locking, Francis Montesinos, Roberto Torreta, Ailanto and Ion Fiz shows. All of them were just amazing. Each designer has his own style, but their creations are a perfect reflection of what they want to transmit to all of us.

Before getting into the shows, I’ve been giving a round to the place called Cibelespacio, where new fashion designers, sell their creations.

For the first day I went to MERCEDES BENZ MADRID FASHION WEEK, I choose to wear a pair of printed shorts, with a white t-shirt, black heels, and a incredible leather blue klein clutch.

Here I attach you the photos of the look and also some pics with famous people!!

Hope you like it!





Ray Ban sunglasses

H&M t-shirt

Zara printed shorts

Parfois gold watch

Marypaz Heel sandals

Mariner Soul leather cluth

Aristocrazy bracelets


with Cristina Castaño, Spanish actress from the TV Series: La que se avecina




IMG_0308 IMG_0220 IMG_0221



IMG_0230with an spanish blogger from In2ition style blog!

She’s so pretty and most importantly, she’s amazingly charming!






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