Hi there!

I know I didn’t post since several days ago, but it is because I’ve started working on saturday and sundays so I don’t have so much time to post as much as I would like to, but here I am again! As I show on Instagram (Maite Garea) here is the look I promise you! This is a very special look because is based on a dress my mom gives to me as a present during our summer holidays. Normally, the dresses I used to buy are very simple and I like them to show my curves, but this one is different, is made with a softly texture and have some beautiful details on the neckline. I like it too because of the fact that is very useful, I mean, I can wear for any special occasion or even I can give it a daily usage!

Here are the photos of the look, I hope you like them as much as me!
(This afternoon I’ll post about PFW street style 😉 )

I’m wearing:

– Grace&Mila Paris dress

Fun&Basics handbag

Massimo Dutti shoes

Massimo Dutti bracelet

Parfois golden watch












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