Hi there!

Have you ever thought about the years after college? I do, and the truth is that I’m scared, but also I’m looking forward to it. I want to experiment with fashion, and see how far I can get. But I have fear because I know that as things stand today, friendships can be very vulnerable, and for me, the mere fact that I can be separated from the people who are really important to me …  scares me. This year, two of my best friends are Erasmus and, if only for a year, it is hard to know that they are not near me (physically), but they are in my heart.

Focusing on fashion, this is the look I’ve chosen for a meet I had yesterday. Here we are having a very hot weather, but this pieces are too softly and cool. I hope you like this color combination based on pink and maroon tones.

I’m wearing:

– Sfera white blouse

– Lefties pink pants

– Bimba&lola maroon heels

– Parfois Golden watch











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