Good morning to everyone!

Eventually I’ll have my last exam tomorrow morning so in just few hours I’ll be free to work on interested posts (of personal looks) for the blog!

The New York Fashion Week is coming to its end but the street style won’t “die” when this amazing week ends. I’ve been looking for new street style photos and I’m really happy of having found a lot of inspirational looks for design future collections. New ideas are nudging at my head so I’m writing all of them on my notebook in order to  not forget them.

The color combinations, the shapes, cuts, fabrics, etc are all amazing and really help me to create new ideas that I didn’t expect to have.

Looking back to all the post I’ve done about the street style, I noticed that the color combination which predominates this week is the black and white (or as I always said B&W). I knew this was THE trend but I didn’t know that it will have such effect on fashion lovers!

Here I attach you new photos of NYFW Street Style.

I hope you like them as much as I do!




NYFW-Street-5-3_15355511282 NYFW-Street-5-4_153556985689 NYFW-Street-5-5_153558923904 NYFW-Street-5-6_153559190663 NYFW-Street-5-7_153600473728 NYFW-Street-5-17_15354873227 NYFW-Street-5-21_153551218049 NYFW-Street-5-29_153554588365street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_31856283_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_31955789_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_44951582_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_77297065_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_106105621_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_118626297_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_129967507_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_153215494_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_158584963_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_191614895_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_224730414_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_261549190_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_319137061_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_333161759_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_390700432_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_421856398_800x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_426295593_1200x street_style_de_la_semana_de_la_moda_de_nueva_york_septiembre_2013_465859443_1200x


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