Hi there!

Have you ever wore long sleeve shirts or t-shirts on summer days? I only do it when I’m in Santander (north of Spain) because nights are a little bit cold there during summer time. However, few days ago, before going to the beach, I decided to wear this look for a dinner with my friends in Madrid.  As here in Madrid nights still being not very cold, I’ve chosen silky pieces from my wardrobe as these ones. What do you think about them?

I hope you like the look!

Let me know what you think about it!




I’m wearing:

Sfera white shirt

Sfera brown trousers

Parfois gold watch

Sfera gold necklace

Zara orange heels

Day&day handbag

look sfera1_phixr



look sfera2_phixr

look sfera3_phixr

look sfera4_phixr

look sfera5_phixr

look sfera 6_phixr


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