This spring the oriental style is “in” and if we have to chose one garment that has become a must have, without any doubt, that is the Kimono.

It has shyly appeared past seasons but definitively this year it has manage to slip in all the fashionistas closets and almost in any closet because I have to say that lately I’m really having a crush with them. It is the perfect garment for this season, its texture and vibrants colors look great with jeans, shorts or even dresses. In a total black or white looks they can do wonders and they are perfect for day and night! For sure, now that the weather is getting better we will see them combined with shorts or mini skirts but for the moment with a plain shirt and a jean you will look awesome. I leave you with some looks so you can get inspired…

    45,95 EUR
    49,95 EUR


    Floral print kimono

    25,95 EUR

    Captura de pantalla 2013-06-10 a la(s) 21.07.3015,95 EUR

    Hope you like this fashion trend 😉


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