Hi to everyone!

I super excited to share with you one of the greatest experiences of my life!

Las week, Grazia (a fashion magazine) organized a contest in which several lucky people will form part in a fashion gymkhana formed by 5 groups of 6 members. I’ve been lucky of being in the Miranda Makaroff’s one. She is one of the greatest person I’ve ever met! she treats you like you were friends since longtime ago and makes you feel like you can do whatever you want if you really believe in yourself.

At last we’ve won the price (a Loewe’s bag) as we have done and incredible performance with music, olives and a handmade picture with several objects we have been reaching and buying in madrid during all the afternoon.

Here I’ll show you several photos of the event and the price! Hope you like them!


Thanks to this look I’ve been selected to take part of this amazing contest


a collage of the different teams




Here Miranda Makaroff, Elena (my best friend) and me


As Miranda said at the begging of the contest: “we are -the winners- team” She was right!


relaxing afterparty


dressed up for our performance!



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